Bird's Eye View maps: aerial perspective maps for conference centers, campuses, camps, resorts, retreats, recreational sites and more!

3-D aerial perspective illustrated maps
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"Our staff just can't believe that your artist has never actually been here to see our center. The accuracy is really amazing." Tom MacKay, Geneva Point Center, New Hampshire

Building an image to communicate your vision

How many times have you wished you had an affordable and attractive map to show your facilities?

Bird's Eye View maps are artist-rendered, aerial perspective maps that you can use for marketing your facilities, conference center, camp, retreat, resort or recreational site. Your guests will appreciate the valuable perspective that these maps provide. 

We start with hand-drawn artist's renderings to create a customized aerial perspective map of your facilities. Surprisingly affordable, these "bird's eye" perspective maps will:

Promote your image


Serve your customers


Communicate your vision


Further your goals

Reasons to use Bird's Eye View maps:

1. Your customers want to find their way around easily. 
2. Your customers want to know where to check-in when they arrive and where their meeting, dining or recreational sites are located. 
3. Your customers want to see what you have to offer before they make a site selection. 
4. You want to show the location of a proposed new building to the board or to potential contributors in fundraising materials.  

Bird's Eye View maps... a way to stand out from the competition... a way to be seen! 

Your business or organization can use Bird's Eye View maps in:
Marketing materials
Fundraising materials
Directional maps
Web sites
Development proposals

3-D aerial perspective map of facilities and camp

3-D aerial perspective map of conference center Better than aerial photos, which include buildings that are not part of your facility, you can eliminate unwanted or irrelevant features. You can show important elements that are hidden by trees or other structures in photographs. 

You show just the features that you want, within an artistically pleasing and clearly marked map perspective. 

We can add renderings of proposed or planned facilities before they are built! 

We can update your maps when changes or additions are desired. 

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